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Cameron Diaz has publicly weighed in on her good friend Gwyneth Paltrow’s separation from her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Speaking to E! News, the “Other Woman” actress revealed that the pair was serious in their Goop blog post about sticking by one another’s side in spite of the split.

“For both Chris and Gwyneth, I mean they worked really hard,” she told E! “People want them to blow up and it to be ugly, but they’re kind, generous people who really care about one another. Just because they don’t want to be a couple together, doesn’t mean they have to hate one another. They are really good friends.”

Diaz added that she’s proud of her friends for their decision to stay friends, stating, “They’ve done something really extraordinary, and they’ve been very brave at presenting that to the public.”

Since the original post confirming their “conscious uncoupling” and desire to co-parent harmoniously, Paltrow posted another blog entry on Friday.

“CM and I in deep gratitude for the support of so many,” she wrote.

See the video for yourself over at E! News and weigh in below!