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Just in time for her new record, Shakira is ready to celebrate with her new music video, “Empire.”

As for the celebration, while the video, released on Tuesday along with her self-titled album, centers on a wedding, it doesn’t exactly go off without a hitch.

Shakira, getting cold feet, drops her bouquet and runs for the hills, pulling a Maria von Trapp in a beautiful meadow.

The sultry video is notable in that she’s really the only star featured, keeping with her eyebrow-raising comments about her boyfriend’s refusal to let her film romantic scenes with other men.

The power ballad continues to gain steam as the song goes on, ending with the singer in a black dress going wild in the chapel.

“Empire” follows “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” Shakira’s collaboration with Rihanna that has already seen more than 216 million hits on Youtube in the past month.

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that the international superstar holds the title for most-“Liked” Facebook page with 86.66 million.

Check it out and let us know what you think of “Empire” in the comments section below!