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As John Travolta predicted, Idina Menzel really is taking her “Frozen” character’s advice.

When it comes to the actor’s introduction of her Oscar performance as “Adele Dazeem,” she’s chosen to “Let It Go.”

During an interview with “Billboard,” the Broadway star revealed that there are no hard feelings when it comes to his mistake.

“That threw me for a minute, but then I just got back on track and reminded myself of where I was,” she said. “He was really gracious and sent this gorgeous email, and we’re buddies and it’s cool… Please. I mean, I’ve only benefited from it.”

Menzel also reportedly received a bouquet of flowers from Travolta at her new Broadway show, “If/Then.”

The singer-actress also revealed that she tried out for an earlier Disney musical, “Tangled,” losing out to Mandy Moore for the role of Rapunzel.

Don’t feel too bad, as her audition song, The Beatles’Blackbird,” led to her audition for “Frozen.” Her standout number, “Let It Go,” peaked at no. 9 on the Hot 100.