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Video of Justin Bieber’s arrest was recently released, revealing the pop star’s somewhat clumsy sobriety test.

Now the young singer is arguing that his walk was shaky not due to any form of inebriation but because Bieber had injured his right foot during a skateboarding incident a few months prior, according to “The Hollywood Reporter.”

While one officer reportedly noted that he appeared to wince during the test, the alleged foot injury was not mentioned.

Bieber’s attitude to the police was also detailed in the report, with the 20-year-old star being referred to as “agitated and condescending.”

After claiming that he was just 19 and “out having a good time” while driving a Lamborghini, he asked what the officers were doing at his age.

“Yeah, well, I bet you didn’t have millions of dollars in your bank account either,” he replied (via “THR”).

The singer has pleaded not guilty to the charges stemming from his arrest on suspicion of DUI, driving on an expired license and resisting arrest.