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“Glee” celebrates its milestone 100th episode on Tuesday, kicking off a chain reaction that will change the show forever.

Sue Sylvester might finally get her wish of destroying the glee club, freeing up the show to focus exclusively on the New York characters.

Not everyone can make the jump, and E! News reports that Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Darren Criss are sticking around for the sixth and final season.

While there was some concern that Naya Rivera’s Santana might be hitting the road, rumor has it she’ll only miss a few episodes.

Matthew Morrison also weighed in to E! on the future of Mr. Schue.

“I think I’ll be there in the end in some way. Whether it’s the full season or just like the final episode or something, I think I’ll be back,” he shared.

At least one other original star is not expected to head to NYC and will only return to the show from time to time. “Glee” begins its two-part 100th episode on Tuesday at 8pm.

Who do you think is saying goodbye? Tina, Artie, Sue or someone else? Weigh in below!