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The fact that the “Veronica Mars” movie was made at all was nothing less than a miracle, and yet the show's superfans -- known as Marshmallows -- are already hungry for more.

The highly-anticipated film adaptation of the mid-2000s teen drama opened in theaters, garnered roughly $2 million in fewer than 300 theaters, according to “Entertainment Weekly.”

That is pretty impressive, considering that the budget for the Kristen Bell-starring movie came from the Kickstarter backers that ensured the project was greenlit.

With the earnings from video on demand still to be accounted for, that number might be enough to make a sequel a reality.

“We haven’t had that happen yet,” Warner Bros.’ executive VP of theatrical distribution, Jeff Goldstein, told “EW.” “We wanted to get through this weekend and then sit down and figure out where we’re going… In a week we’ll have a better sense.”

What did you think of “Veronica Mars”? Are you optimistic about the film’s sequel chances? Let us know in the comments!