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Lady Gaga took a moment away from the spotlight, but she’s ready for more “Applause.”

The singer took the stage at SXSW to perform at a Doritos-sponsored concert before giving a keynote speech on Friday, Digital Spy reports.

During her speech, Mother Monster confirmed that her new music video will bow on Saturday March 22, though she declined to spoil what “Artpop” track will be her next single.

In fact, Gaga never even released her music video for “Do What U Want,” which she filmed last year with photographer Terry Richardson.

The pop star also expressed her willingness to withdraw from the music scene that values beauty over originality.

“Once you have so much attention, they think it’s better for you to make inconsequential music… I would give it all up tomorrow if I had to sell my soul. I will retire from the commercial market if I can’t be myself,” she said (via Digital Spy).

Gaga added that she felt “poisoned” for the past year by the industry’s need for her to be pretty, even though she’s won Grammys and toured the world.

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