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Never one to “Stick to the Status Quo,” Zac Efron is the rare rising star who isn’t turning his back on the project that made him a star.

During an interview with E! News, Efron spilled that he’s “100 percent” in when it comes to a reunion movie – and he’s not alone!

“We’re all thinking about it,” he told E! “I continue to see all the guys from ‘High School.’ “Every time we do… there’s just a look between us. It’s so cool because we never forget a single moment of that experience.”

Though it is hard to believe, eight years have passed since the movie first graced our televisions, leading to a TV sequel and a big-screen final chapter.

Efron, who last hit the big screen in “That Awkward Moment,” will next star opposite Seth Rogen, Dave Franco and Rose Byrne in the frat comedy “Neighbors.”

Would you be singing from the rooftops if another “High School Musical” movie became a reality? Let us know what you think in the comments!