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Charlie Sheen is no stranger to feuding with his co-stars, and it seems like the actor is at it again.

According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” Sheen’s “Anger Management” co-stars are upset with him after the star missed a number of work days in recent weeks, and the “cast is threatening to stop working if absences persist.”

The series is believed to be two-thirds of the way through its 100-episode order, which was triggered as part of a 10/90 model with FX.

While Lionsgate, which produces the show, did not make a statement, Sheen’s publicist did.

“We did not shoot last week because another member of the cast was sick,” Sheen’s rep told “THR.” “Charlie is always ready, willing and able to shoot ‘Anger Management’ and looks forward to returning on Monday.”

The show has already had some turbulence in the past, namely the surprising exit of the female lead, Selma Blair, after a rumored falling-out with Sheen.

“Anger Management airs Thursdays at 9:30pm on FX.