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Veronica Mars” is back on the case.

Two weeks before the film adaptation of the CW series hits theaters, the opening sequence has been released online.

The two-minute preview catches fans and newbies alike up on the basics of the TV show, without including any pesky spoilers about whodunit or other important questions.

The film will pick up a decade after Veronica (Kristen Bell) left high school, just in time for her 10-year reunion.

The new preview doesn’t spill much on the actual plot of the film, though newly-released photos show more of the show’s new and returning cast, including Krysten Ritter’s Gia and the brand-new role of Ruby Jetson, played by Gabby Hoffman.

Creator Rob Thomas also teased the release of a new “Veronica Mars” novel, “The Thousand Dollar Tan Line,” which will be released on March 25 and features his original idea for the film.

“Veronica Mars” hits theaters and VOD on March 14. Flip through our gallery of photos from the film and show us how excited you are in the comments!