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Ellen DeGeneres might have gotten herself in over her head with this year’s Academy Awards.

Well, probably not, but she did make a few cracks this morning about being a tad wiped from hosting the Oscars, which went well over their running time Sunday night.

“Gopd mrorining! It’sd time to do a live OSxar show. Didn’t get much slep but whoneds it?” she tweeted Monday.

The repeat host also signed up to record a live episode of her daytime talk show, and while the misspellings were clearly a joke, there’s no doubt that she’s probably exhausted -- and the pizza probably didn't help.

Ellen followed that up with another post, this time including a photo of her beauty regimen before the taping:

The star returned to host for the second time, with the show garnering the highest total audience since
Billy Crystal in 2004, TVLine reports.

How did you think Ellen did last night? Let us know what you think of the live show in the comments section below!