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It’s no secret that the highly-anticipated “Amazing Spider-Man 2” has no shortage of nemeses for Peter Parker.

While recent news has confirmed the presence of the Green Goblin and the Rhino, there’s no forgetting Jamie Foxx’s Electro.

One of the first stars confirmed to be joining the sequel, Foxx’s character takes central stage in the new teaser, aptly titled “Rise of Electro.”

Spidey saves a man’s life, only for the man to later get electrocuted, turning him into an electric-powered supervillain.

For fans of the romantic saga between Peter (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy, the preview also features the most Emma Stone we’ve seen in the past.

Gwen finds herself in dire circumstances partway through the trailer, and before it’s over, she nearly exposes her boyfriend’s secret identity.

Dane DeHaan also gets a great deal more screen time as Peter’s new friend and Spider-Man’s future enemy, Harry Osborn.

 “Amazing Spider-Man 2” opens in theaters on May 2. What’d you think of the trailer?