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With so much going down on social media these days, we’re counting down the most interesting tweets of the week so far:


1. What a Difference a Year Makes

Lady Gaga was in one heck of a hard place last year around this time. A major surgery and one year later, she is back and better than ever!

2. Too Much Figure Skating

With the crazy coffee names out there these days, it’s not a total stretch to think a mochaccino could be a figure skating move!

3. Brain Size versus BBQ Sauce

Not sure if the whole “bigger brain” thing is even a real study, as Conan explains, bigger doesn’t always mean better. It’s science!

4. Stick to Your Day Job

Not all listicles are created equal, so we suggest Colbert leaves the list-making to the professionals and keeps reading the news every night instead.

5. Beauty Tips From Seth Meyers

Late Night” host Seth Meyers is the latest celebrity to hand out beauty advice, but his is a little different from most. Could be good for online dating!