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After 12 seasons and thousands of contestants, it might come as a surprise that “American Idol” has any “firsts” left.

But season 13 welcomed the first openly gay contestant on the FOX singing competition show in the form of M.K. Nobilette.

Speaking with “People,” M.K. opened up about the reaction to her public coming out.

“There have been a few haters, but I predicted that the minute I said it,” she said. “But actually, the response has been pretty positive. Mostly, people have been really supportive.”

Reinforcing her remarks is the fact that the show’s viewers voted M.K. into the top 13 this week, something new judge Harry Connick Jr. believes reflects an evolving nation.

 “If this is an indication of where our country is going, it’s about time,” he told “People.” “I hope in 10 years we won’t even have to talk about this. It’s a big world, and everybody lives in it.”

“American Idol” airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8pm on FOX. Do you think M.K. has what it takes to be the next “Idol”? Sound off in the comments!