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With so many movies being released throughout the year, it can be hard to keep track. To help, check out our preview of the movies that are opening this weekend:


RoboCop” – As we said in our countdown of top February movie releases, this reboot of the ‘80s classic has “The Killing” actor Joel Kinnaman filling Peter Weller’s shoes, playing a cop who becomes a one-man policing machine – literally. Originally opening on Wednesday, the film’s A-list cast also includes Abbie Cornish as his wife, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Jackie Earle Haley, Michael K. Williams (“The Wire”) and Samuel L. Jackson. Rated PG-13.

About Last Night” – Based on both the 1986 film starring Brat Packers Rob Lowe and Demi Moore and the original David Mamet play, this new romantic comedy follows two new couples, one played by Kevin Hart and Regina Hall, and the other played by Joy Bryant (“Parenthood”), and Michael Ealy.  As we wrote in our exclusive review, Rated R.

Endless Love” – “Magic Mike” actor Alex Pettyfer stars another romantic remake this Valentine’s Day season, though this one seems to skew heavily into drama territory. Following the 1981 film starring Brooke Shields, Pettyfer plays a young boy who falls for a wealthy girl played by Gabriella Wilde. “Endless Love” follows their star-crossed relationship as her parents struggle to put an end to it. Robert Patrick, Bruce Greenwood and Joely Richardson also star. Rated PG-13.

“Winter’s Tale” – This fantastical love story spans time and place and couldn’t be more perfect for Valetnine’s Day. Colin Farrell stars as a man separated from the woman he loves, who mysteriously wakes up years in the future in modern New York City. With the help of a woman (Jennifer Connelly), he hopes to understand what has happened. Rated PG-13.