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The “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff has found its female Ted Mosby, and no, we don’t mean Ted’s Mrs. Right.

CBS’s “How I Met Your Dad” pilot has cast indie ingénue Greta Gerwig as Sally, the central character looking for love, according to Variety.

In a twist, Sally – who is described as “a female Peter Pan” – is already married! But the relationship is on the rocks after less than a year of marriage, so she might be soon on the lookout for future hubby no. 2.

TVLine also had the low-down on the rest of the supporting cast, which include – along with the narrator, of course – her party-girl pal Juliet, who runs a fashion blog, and Juliet’s IT manager Frank.

Their crew is rounded out with Sally’s uptight gay brother, Danny, and his charming husband, Todd.

What do you think of the characters and Greta’s casting? Who should fill the Bob Saget role of narrator? Sound off in the comments!