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The new romantic comedy “About Last Night” opens in theaters on Friday, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Ahead of the release of the film – a remake of the 1986 classic starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore – we were lucky enough to sit in while one of the movie’s producers, Will Packer (“Ridealong”), interviewed Kevin Hart and Regina Hall, two of the film’s stars.

Producer Will Packer: Bernie and Joan was kind of crazy. I need y’all to talk about it a little bit. Talk a little bit about the chemistry between Bernie and Joan, because a lot of that wasn’t on the page.

Kevin Hart: I got to play in the dough for the first time in my theatrical career, man. You know I got to play a grown man who had issues. You know, Bernie was a guy who wasn’t necessarily about love.

He was more about meeting women, getting what he could out of ‘em and then moving on. And meeting Joan, Joan actually took me for a whirlwind because I wound up liking a female that I didn’t expect to like. And our whirlwind to get to love was so complex and had so many levels of anger, emotion and –

Regina Hall: Passion. Yeah, passionate couple. They’re the couple you don’t want to invite over for the holidays.

Kevin: Yeah, we’re gonna fight. We gonna mess everything up. We’re that couple that you have a meeting about before they come. Everybody knows this couple though. I feel like you can relate to them, and I think that was the best part about playing Bernie and Joan.

Packer: So this movie was a remake. The original came out in ’86, this is a remake. As actors, was there any apprehension about coming in and redoing a movie that already had a classic status?

Regina: No, we were excited. I mean, I read the script, the script was great. Actually, a woman wrote the script. Leslye Headland. She’s an amazing writer, and I think for us, we saw it as an opportunity to make it our own. We love that they had a woman who wasn’t necessarily written [as] African American, you know, just a movie written for whatever culture and we made it our own.

But I love that she was an independent career woman, you know what I mean. She was emotionally present. That’s what I’m going to call her. And you got to see two different types of relationships and two different types of love onscreen, you know, and it kind of balanced the movie to give it its own voice and modernize it. You know, where relationships are today as opposed to how they were in the ‘80s.

Kevin: I couldn’t agree more. You know, first and foremost, just piggybacking on what she said, this movie is edgy. But the contrast we have between both couples, and the dynamic that they show between these friends, of me and Michael [Ealy], which is Danny and Bernie in the movie, as well as Joan and Debbie [actress Joy Bryant].

You get to see how women approach relationships and how they talk to one another, while going through whatever they’re going through. And same thing, vice versa, for how men talk and what we do or how we deal with problems.

And then how one couple, was so reserved and on the outside trying to seem so perfect, but yet on the inside was going through the same things, if not more. And one couple was just a little bit more open about –

Regina: Bernie and Joan think they know everything. You can’t tell Bernie and Joan that they’re wrong about a thing.

Kevin: No, no, we did. We know everything. Everybody else is crazy… What we got is real. The funniest thing in the world to us is sitting at that dinner table trashing Debbie while she’s right there, acting like she’s not there. What’d we call her, “Crash-and-burn?” Crash-and-burn. That’s the funniest thing in the world. And she’s just sitting there.

Kevin and Regina open up about a scene in the film in which Debbie is supposed to slap Bernie. He wanted her to do it for real, and it quickly got out of hand. Warning: Some language NSFW.

Hear Will Packer ask Kevin and Regina – who all longtime friends in real life – about filming love scenes together for the first time. Warning: Some language NSFW.