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With so much going down on social media these days, we’re counting down the most interesting tweets of the week so far:


1. Lorde’s Misunderstanding

While Lorde is not from the U.S., it’s still pretty clear that she’s not a big sports fan. The question is: was it sarcasm?

 Ellen’s TV “Tantrums”

We can all sympathize with the pain of waiting for the rest of season three of “Scandal.” Ellen’s response pretty much hits the nail right on the head. 

3. Conan’s Caring Nature 

While Conan’s kids were obviously touched by the sincerity of that Budweiser ad from the Super Bowl, he seems to have thought they wanted something else (jokingly, of course)! 

4. Katy Perry’s Workout Tips

Working out is a great way to get an energy boost! Watching wealthy twentysomethings shopping and partying? Perhaps not.

5. Miley Cyrus and Her Metamorphosis

This tweet goes pretty well with Miley and her “metamorphosis” over the past several months. She has definitely left her squeaky clean Disney image behind, but whether she’s made it to the butterfly stage has yet to be seen.