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When it comes to major award shows like the Grammys, you come to expect verbal flubs, like Alicia Keys accidentally first referring to the late John Lennon as “John Legend” while on stage with Yoko Ono.

Yet perhaps the biggest error came during the memorial tribute, when “Glee” star Cory Monteith was honored.

During the already-brief moment he appeared onscreen, the star’s name was presented as “Cory Montieth,” which was soon pointed out by “Entertainment Weekly.”

The rest of the names appeared to be spelled correctly, but the mistake was still regrettable.

“Glee” will air the back half of its fifth season beginning Tuesday, February 25 and will leave Lima behind for NYC before heading into its final season next fall.

Creator Ryan Murphy has already stated that although Monteith’s death forced him to change his intended final moment for the show, that moment will still honor both the actor and his character, Finn Hudson.