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Gal Gadot made a splash when it was announced that she would play Wonder Woman in the forthcoming “Batman vs. Superman” feature.

Her addition led to speculation that Warner Bros. was planning a full-on “Justice League” feature in the vein of “The Avengers,” and Variety reports that those rumors were spot-on.

Gadot revealed on an Israeli TV show that she had signed on for three films, including the “Man of Steel” sequel.

The other two films in the deal are reportedly a Justice League film and, if all goes well, a standalone “Wonder Woman” film as well.

Wonder Woman’s transition to the silver screen has been difficult in recent years.

Despite the successful Lynda Carter-starring series from the ‘70s, the most recent attempts – including an NBC pilot and a Joss Whedon-penned script – have panned out.

The Batman-Superman project, also starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, will hit theaters in 2016. Are you excited at the prospect of a Wonder Woman film? Sound off below!