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With so much going down on social media these days, we’re counting down the most interesting tweets of the week so far:

1. Ke$ha’s Interesting “Request”

This tweet did more than raise eyebrows. Less than 24 hours after the posting, TMZ reports that the rehab center has already informed Ke$ha that she cannot accept human teeth for art projects while in her care.

2. Justin Bieber Fights Back

Justin Bieber took a moment to lament his inability to hit the beach without being swarmed by paparazzi. But after all the headlines he’s been making over the past few days, can you blame them?

3. Taylor Swift’s Cat-astrophe

It’s nice to see that Taylor Swift has made an effort to lower her dating profile for the past several months, but it sounds like she might be misplacing her affection these days. Time to get back on the dating horse, Tay!

4. Demi Lovato’s Serious Question

Demi might be throwing shade at Beyonce, who one of the many celebs in attendance at the party who didn’t seem to get a video of POTUS’s dance moves. Here’s hoping that someone will see her tweet and share the performance with those of us who didn’t snag an invite!

5. Lady Gaga Gets “Dark”

Mother Monster didn’t exactly tweet this herself, but she did retweet this message on Friday from a Bane parody account comparing her to the Joker from “The Dark Knight.” She may have her wild ways, but it’s great to see that she still has a sense of humor about herself (and good taste in movies)!