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NBC has dropped plans to reboot one classic ‘80s series, only to reveal plans to jumpstart another.

Thirty years since “The Cosby Show” changed the television landscape, the Peacock Network announced that they are teaming with Bill Cosby on a new comedy series.

According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” Cosby would play “the patriarch of a multi-generational family” on the show, which will “include his take on marriage and parenting.”

After “The Cosby Show” ended in 1992, the actor reteamed with his TV wife, Phylicia Rashad, on “Cosby,” a comedy series that ran for four seasons and starred the late Madeline Kahn.

In not-so-happy news, Deadline reports that NBC has scrapped plans to reboot “Murder, She Wrote” with Octavia Spencer.

Spencer would have played a hospital administrator-turned-sleuth in the show, a twist that original series star Angela Lansbury called “a mistake” in November.

If the show goes to series, which “Cosby Show” actors would you like to see guest on the show? Leave your suggestions in the comments!