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For those who haven’t heard, “Glee” will make a major move later in season 5, closing out the McKinley High chapter and focusing solely on the characters in New York.

That means saying goodbye to some of the show’s cast, as not everyone can make the jump, though final decisions have not been announced.

Yet one major star who will be heading to NYC is Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester. She tells E! News, “I’m going to New York from what I understand. I haven’t heard how or why, but I’m excited to see.”

Jane also teased that though they’ll be leaving Lima behind, she thinks “they might [still check] in at McKinley.”

The show will return from hiatus on Tuesday, February 25, airing the rest of season five before returning for a final season next fall.

How do you think the show should write Sue into the NYC storyline? Share your suggestions with us in the comments!