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Although Shia LaBeouf recently tweeted his retirement from public life and stating, “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE,” that hasn’t stopped him from making headlines.

The 27-year-old actor reportedly found himself in a bar brawl in London Thursday night after a bar patron made a comment about the mother of his girlfriend, Mia Goth, E! News reports.

LaBeouf allegedly head-butted one man before being physically restrained by two women.

“What’d you say about my girl’s mom?” heshouted. “Are you f****** kidding me bro?”

After the situation resolved itself, TMZ got a hold of a video of the “Transformers” star attempting to apologize.

“I’m not trying to have, like, any more problems. Like, I’m really just trying to make peace,” he said. “I’m a normal human being. Look, I accept what I get into to do what I love. I’m not trying to s*** on nobody. I’m a human being, you know what I mean? I’m super normal. Like more normal than most.”

LaBeouf then referenced the comment about Goth’s mother, leaving another patron to yell that she had started the argument.

He then let it go, stating that he’s “just trying to make peace.” Check out TMZ’s video of the incident here.