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Making the right first impression “The Bachelor” can be tricky, particularly when the contestants try to set themselves apart.

Though the premiere only aired on Monday, one eliminated star, Kylie Lewis, claims that the producers told her what to do and are the reason she didn’t get a rose.

Lewis told TMZ that behind the scenes, she was told to dye her hair red, wear a pink dress and send a giddy tweet immediately after meeting Bachelor Juan Pablo.

According to the reality show castoff, she was also instructed not to send a picture she drew of him. Instead, she was told to send a tweet that read, “OMG I JUST MET @JuanPaGalavis!!!”

To make matters worse, while she didn’t get a rose, she misheard Juan Pablo offering one to Kat and stepped forward to get her flower, making the situation even more embarrassing for her.


“I felt like I was going to throw up (again) and then I cried a little (again),” she wrote of seeing the rose ceremony. “Then I raised my glass to a new year!”

“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC. What do you think of Kylie’s confession? Weigh in below!