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After making a remarkable comeback following his prison sentence, the real-life “Wolf of Wall Street” is looking to return to reality.

Jordan Belfort, who penned the memoir that inspired the new hit movie of the same name, could be TV’s next big star, according to “The Hollywood Reporter.”

Since spending 28 months for his actions, Belfort is now a motivational speaker whose show would center on him “stepping in to help other who, like him, have hit rock bottom but still hold out some hope for redemption.”

The ex-financier has already teamed up with Electus CEO Chris Grant on the project, and the pair has already been shopping the potential series to networks.

Christina McDowell, whose father allegedly worked with and was eventually testified against by Belfort, wrote an open letter in the “L.A. Weekly” shaming the film’s producers for glorifying his actions.

“Wolf,” which stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort, has garnered a reported $34 million since its debut on Christmas Day.

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