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At first, Shia LaBeouf truly appeared to be apologetic after the media storm alleging that he had plagiarized his short film from comic artist Daniel Clowes.

Yet the young actor now seems to be making a joke out of the situation by posting mea culpas that he cribbed from other famous scandals.

After apologizing to Clowes, LaBeouf proceeded to go on a multi-day rant, which was pointed out by Perez Hilton.

Quoting directly from Mark Zuckerberg’s open letter, he tweeted:

A few days later, he then borrowed from BP CEO
Tony Hayward:

The following day he posted a quote of Hayward’s statement about his “hurtful and thoughtless” apology.

Per Perez Hilton, LaBeouf’s posted tweets composed of quotes from Alec Baldwin, Eliot Spitzer, Russell Crowe and Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

Clowes is reportedly considering legal action but has not responded via social media. To read all of the “apologies,” head over to Shia’s official Twitter @thecampaignbook.