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While Khloe Kardashian freely admits that 2013 was a tumultuous year, she’s less willing to say that she’d take it all back if she could.

In a new interview for the cover of “Cosmopolitan UK,” the reality star shares her thoughts on regrets and why she’s looking forward to 2014.

“I don’t regret anything about my life. My life has made me who I am at this moment and I’m very happy with who I am,” she said. “No matter if it’s great, disgusting, beautiful or ugly; it happens and it makes you you. Life is about how you process things.”

After her split from Lamar Odom, Khloe also says that she’s excited for a fresh start next year and is “excited for this year to be over with” and talked about her future brother-in-law and her niece.

“Kanye is such an awesome dad, and he’s so opinionated and passionate. North is only five-and-a-half-months old but you can see she has opinions and a strong personality already,” she said. “I’m kind of nervous to see what she’s like when she’s older but I think she’ll be incredibly confident because Kim and Kanye are.”

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