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Kanye West
prides himself on his passion for fashion, so it’s not entirely surprising that he got his fiancé, Kim Kardashian, a handbag for Christmas.

Yet the rapper’s gift combines fashion with art, as NBC News reports that he gave Kim an Hermes Birkin bag that he had hand-painted by artist George Condo.

The purse features portraits of nude women, along with what appears to be a man with the face of a demon.

Kim has already been spotted with the bag and shared a photo of the Birkin on Instagram, confirming that it was in fact painted by Condo and gifted to her by “Yeezy.”

Regardless of the worth of the artist, the bag alone could cost several thousand dollars. Birkins are a favorite status symbol among celebrities, with Victoria Beckham noted to have a collection worth a reported $2 million dollars.

What do you think of the painting? A work of art or a waste of a great purse? Sound off with your opinions in the comments!