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The Bachelor” is returning in January, and ABC continuing their promotional blitz spotlighting Juan Pablo’s debut in the title role.

The first preview for the new show spotlights the returning Juan Pablo Galavis, who lost out to Desiree Hartsock, but in return, he gets his shot at 27 different women.

E! News released the debut trailer, showing the women fawning over the “cute,” “amazing” and “hot” new Bachelor, also showing dates on a football field, in the hot tub and even reenacting the scene from “Lady & the Tramp” with a real dog.

The show isn’t afraid of making puns on the new Bachelor’s name, not only referring to next month as “Juan-uary” but also noting that the show will have not a “Juan,” but a two-night premiere.

On Sunday, January 5, the show will air a one-hour “Countdown to Juan Pablo” special that “gives fans an intimate look into his life as a single father in Miami.”

Season 18 of “The Bachelor” debuts on Monday, January 6 at 8pm on ABC.