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The legend begins again when Warner Bros.’ “Godzilla” reboot hits theaters next spring.

The first teaser for the project was released on Tuesday (via Deadline) and barely features the lead characters, the preview is still quite revealing.

The trailer opens with a military leader briefing his soldiers on the dangerous mission they face once they land on the ground.

Through the foggy goggles of a soldier falling to earth, the first glimpses of both the monster and the havoc it has wreaked begin to come into focus.

Only then does the preview begin to show brief clips of the film’s cast, including Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Juliette Binoche.

"Godzilla" also stars Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad"), Ken Watanabe, David Strathairn and Sally Hawkins.

Notably, the complete reveal of the monster, known as a Gojira, cannot be seen in the trailer, but its presence looms large as the stars attempt to survive the damage.

“Godzilla” will reach theaters on May 16, 2014. So what’d you think of the teaser? Share your opinions below!