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As one of the most hard-working singers in the music business, it’s no wonder Britney Spears’s nickname is “Work B****.”

The singer not only released “Britney Jean” this week, but she’s already on to her next project: teasing the video for her new single, “Perfume.”

Announcing that it would be released in full next week via Twitter, Britney shared a 36-second preview for the video just weeks after the debut of the single and lyric video for the track.

The preview for “Perfume” seems to blend the song’s lyrics in with brief clips from the music video, including a slow-motion segment on the beach that closes the clip.

The musician also began her Las Vegas residency this week and is busy on a promotional blitz for her new record.

Do you like “Perfume”? What did you think of the teaser for the video? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section below!