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While testifying in a fraud investigation against two of her ex-personal assistants, Nigella Lawson confirmed this week that she has used both cocaine and marijuana in the past.

The cooking guru testified that the claims of her drug use have been greatly exaggerated, “People” reports.

“The idea that I’m a drug addict or a habitual user of cocaine is absolutely ridiculous,” she said.

Lawson linked her past drug use to particularly difficult times in her relationship, namely near the end of her late husband John Diamond’s life and, more recently, during her high-profile issues with ex-husband Charles Saatchi.

“I have to say, since freeing myself from a brilliant but brutal man, I’m now totally cannabis-, cocaine-, any drug-free,” she also said (via "People").

Saatchi was allegedly spotted grabbing his then-wife by the throat in a restaurant earlier this year, which was soon followed by their split and eventual divorce.

After Lawson expressed interest in having grandkids, she alleges that he reacted by taking her by the neck and telling her, “I am the only person you should be concerned with. I am the only person athat should give you pleasure.”