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The O.C.” may have famously coined the phrase “Welcome to the O.C., b****,” but for his next role, one of the show’s former stars is saying “Welcome to the Jungle.”

Adam Brody is set to co-star in the forthcoming comedy opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme, along with “Childrens Hospital” star Rob Huebel and comedienne Kristen Schaal (“The Daily Show”).

According to “The Wrap,” the film stars Brody as an office worker who gets stranded on an island with his co-workers “after a team-building exercise goes horribly awry when the pilot who can get them off the island is found dead.”

Van Damme plays the militant group leader who was brought in to their office to teach the group wilderness survival and who ends up with them on the island.

“Welcome to the Jungle” will be released in theaters and on video on demand on February 7. What did you think of the trailer? Leave your thoughts in the comments!