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When it comes to NBC’s live stage adaptation for “The Sound of Music,” the network was faced with a difficult task promoting the project.

Instead of a traditional trailer, which would be impossible for a live show, NBC has released a two-and-a-half minute preview that not only gives viewers a sneak peek at the stars performing the songs, but also features behind-the-scenes interviews.

Kicking things off is Carrie Underwood, who performs “My Favorite Things” as the trailer opens, along with a duet with Stephen Moyer (“True Blood”) as Captain Von Trapp and the “Do-Re-Mi” with his children.

The cast attempts to make it clear that the version they are performing is based on the classic Rogers and Hammerstein musical and not the iconic film starring Julie Andrews as Maria.

“We’re not trying to remake the movie. Nobody can remake the movie,” Broadway diva Laura Benanti offers.

NBC’s “The Sound of Music” will air live on Thursday, December 5. Are you more inclined to watch now that you know they’re not trying to remake the film? Weigh in below!