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“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”
opens in theaters on Friday, but a large segment of the film’s intended audience nearly didn’t have the chance to see it.

According to Vulture, the sequel to the Jennifer Lawrence-starring smash hit nearly garnered an R rating from the MPAA.

At the “Catching Fire” premiere in New York on Wednesday, producer Nina Jacobsen said it was a close call.

“We had one shot where one of our tributes is killed at the cornucopia, and we had to move where the arrow hit him, from one part to another part,” she told Vulture. “It used to hit him in the face, and now it hits him in the chest. But it was really pretty minor, all things considered.”

The news should come as no surprise as the YA novels the film series is based on center on teenagers forced to kill one another in cold blood.

Yet Jacobsen says the difference is that because the deaths in “The Hunger Games” are meant to be emotional, not gratuitous.

[Director Francis Lawrence and I are] much more interested in the consequences of violence than the expression of violence,’ she added. “We’re never really dwelling on the gore of the games. It’s much more about the emotional effect.”