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The team behind the forthcoming “Man of Steel” sequel is courting controversy once again.

Only weeks after the internet exploded over the news that Ben Affleck had been cast opposite Henry Cavill's Superman, a new report finds Warner Bros. searching for a proper title for the film.

A blog called Fusible alleges that WB had not-so-secretly registered domain names for a slew of possible titles for the Batman vs. Superman project.

Possible titles for the project include:

  • “Man of Steel: Battle the Knight”
  • “Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness”
  • “Man of Steel: “Black of Knight”
  • “Man of Steel: Darkness Falls”
  • “Man of Steel: Knight Falls”
  • “Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night”
  • “Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour”
  • “Man of Steel: The Darkness Within”

Most of the names were also registered without the “Man of Steel” prefix, and though there’s no way of telling if any of these names will actually make the cut, there’s a clear focus on including some variation on the “Dark Knight” in the name.

What do you think of these names for the Batman vs. Superman film? Weigh in with your title suggestions in the comments!