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Owen Wilson and Damon Wayans Jr. celebrate birthdays this week, and since they are members of established Hollywood dynasties, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 dynastic Hollywood families:

1. The Wilson Family

The Wilson family is made up most notably by the three brothers – Owen, Luke and Andrew Wilson. Middle brother Owen has made a name for himself in comedies like “Zoolander,” “Wedding Crashers” and Cars,” but lately he’s had success in dramas like “Marley & Me” and “Midnight in Paris” as well.

Luke is the next most recognizable of the trio, having starred in “Old School” and “Charlie’s Angels.” He too has gone on to do dramatic work in HBO’s critical darling “Enlightened.” The oldest brother, Andrew, is more of a spot actor, but manages to find minor roles in his brothers’ films.

2. The Wayans Family

Michael and Elvira Wayans had ten children, each of which have had some involvement in the entertainment industry.  The Wayans dynasty spans far and wide – most famously Damon Wayans and Keenan Ivory Wayans.  Keenan Ivory is known for creating and directing “Scary Movie,” as well as teaming up with his brother, Damon, to co-create the sketch comedy, “In Living Color.

The family has now produced a third generation of actors.  Damon Wayans Jr. is widely known for his work in ABC’s now-cancelled “Happy Endings,” and he has since returned to FOX’s “New Girl.

3. The Baldwin Family

The Baldwins have certainly left their mark on Hollywood.  Between them, there are four Baldwin brothers – Alec, Daniel, William and Stephen.  Alec has enjoyed the most success, appearing in such films as “The Hunt for Red October” and The Departed,” as well as winning numerous awards for his work in NBC’s sitcom “30 Rock.” Since the show ended, he has stayed busy with his hit podcast “Here’s the Thing” and recently began hosting “Up Late with Alec Baldwin” on MSNBC.

The other three Baldwin brothers, all younger than Alec, have also found a home in Hollywood.  Stephen appeared on “The Celebrity Apprentice” and in the movie “Flyboys”; though Billy’s most notable roles came in ‘90s films like “Backdraft” and “Sliver,” he has since had roles in “Gossip Girl” and “Dirty Sexy Money”; and Daniel played a detective on NBC’s, “Homicide: Life on the Street.”

4. The Olsen Family

Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen began their careers just months after they were born, when they were both cast for the role of Michelle Tanner on the popular ‘90s sitcom “Full House.”

The two would continue to star alongside each other in films for the next dozen years.  However, in 2004, Ashley elected to end her acting career, and Mary-Kate soon followed.  The duo has since been extensively involved in the fashion industry.

Still, the twins have a younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, to carry on the Olsen legacy in the acting biz. Elizabeth caught her big break in 2011 when she appeared in “Silent House” and the critically-acclaimed “Martha Marcy May Marlene.

5. The Culkin Family

Former child star Macaulay Culkin may be the most famous of the Culkins, but he certainly isn’t the only one. One of seven children in the family, Macaulay is widely considered one of the most successful child actors of all time. He gained notoriety as the star of the first two “Home Alone” movies, also appearing in “Richie Rich” and Michael Jackson’s music video for “Black or White.”

Kieran Culkin also starred in the “Home Alone” series as Culkin’s cousin Fuller, but has since starred in films like “The Cider House Rules” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” Rory, 9 years younger than Macaulay, also had brief roles with his brother in “The Good Son” and “Richie Rich,” but he has gone on to star in horror flicks like “Scream 4” and “Signs.”

6. The Smith Family

In this case, we have two superstar actors that have been together since the mid-‘90s.  Will Smith began as a rapper in the late 1980s and soon had his own show, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”  He also found fame in blockbuster movies such as “Men in Black, Independence Day” and “I Am Legend.”

In 1997, Will Smith married actress, Jada Pinkett.  She is an established actor in her own right, having roles in “The Nutty Professor” and the second and third “Matrix films. The pair’s children, “Karate Kid” star Jaden and “Whip Your Hair” singer Willow, are both budding actors and musicians.

7. The Roberts Family

The Roberts family is anchored by one of the most famous actresses of all time: Julia Roberts.  Julia found her beginnings as the lead in 1990’s “Pretty Woman. “ She went on to play the lead role in “Steel Magnolias,” “Erin Brockovich and “Ocean’s Eleven” among others.

Julia isn’t the only one to make a name for herself in the acting world. Her brother, Eric, has acted in countless movies and TV shows, while her sister, Lisa, has taken smaller roles in many films.  Her niece, Emma, is a rising star.  The 22-year-old just finished the comedy, “We’re the Millers” and starred in the third season of “American Horror Story.”

8. The Hawn-Hudson Family

Goldie Hawn is the domestic partner of Kurt Russell – a legend in his own rightand the mother of Oliver and Kate Hudson. Hawn got her start in the ’60s and rose to fame on “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” before going on to star in movies like “Death Becomes her” and “Private Benjamin.”  She was married to country music singer, Bill Hudson for four years, with whom she had two children.

Kate Hudson found fame in the aptly-named “Almost Famous,” as well as “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and “Something Borrowed.” Her brother, Oliver, had a heavily recurring role on the final season of “Dawson’s Creek” and starred on CBS’s “The Rules of Engagement.”

9. The 
Griffith Family

This three-generational Hollywood family starts with Tippi Hedren.  Hedren was an actress from the 1950’s and made her name in the Alfred Hitchcock films “Marnie” and “The Birds.

Tippi’s daughter, Melanie Griffith, is known for her Golden Globe-winning performance in “Working Girl” in 1988.  She was married to both Don Johnson – with whom she has a daughter – and Antonio Banderas.

Melanie and Don’s daughter, Dakota Johnson starred on FOX’s short-lived “Ben & Kate,” but the up-and-comer has been cast in her likely star-making role of Anastasia Steele in “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

10. The Grammer Family

Kelsey Grammer is best known for his role as Fraser Crane on NBC’s hit shows “Cheers” and “Fraser,” which ran for a combined 20 years. Though not everyone knows it, he is also the father of two young actresses. His daughter Spencer had a starring role on ABC Family’s “Greek” and most recently appeared on NBC’s cancelled “Ironside” reboot this fall. Spencer's half-sister, Greer Grammer, has recurred on MTV’s dramedy “Awkward” and has been upgraded to a series regular for the upcoming fourth season.

Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments!