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Melissa Rycroft
will soon have another man in her life!

The former “Bachelor” star tells “Us Weekly” that she and her hubby, Tye Strickland, are expecting a little boy.

“When I found out [I was having a] boy, I just got really excited!” she said. “And Tye, he’s such a guy’s guy, so personally I’m really happy he gets to do all his boy stuff.”

Rycroft adds that he feels a newfound responsibility with his son on the way, though the pair have a two-year-old daughter, Ava.

“I guess there’s something to be said about the same sex parent taking the bulk of [responsibility],” she added (via “Us”). “I’ve been the one who’s been teaching Ava the basics…Now it’s kind of his turn to teach somebody how to throw and catch a ball and go outside and find worms.”

The reality star and her husband shared the news with her parents by “revealing the color blue inside cupcakes” and have begun thinking about baby names.

What should Melissa and Tye name their baby? Share your suggestions below!