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As promised, the first official teaser for Disney’s “Maleficent” has debuted one day after the release of the poster’s unveiling.

In the preview for the latest take on the Sleeping Beauty tale, Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning) narrates her meeting with Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent, coaxing her to not be afraid and to come out of the shadows.

 “Then you’ll be afraid,” Maleficent warns, her catlike eyes shining through the darkness.

The trailer also shows the film’s gorgeous effects, namely a kingdom filled with fairies and other magical creatures.

The film also has a number of nods to the 1959 classic “Sleeping Beauty,” including Maleficent’s forest of thorns and – of course – the iconic spindle.

Though he does not appear in the trailer, Brenton Thwaites (“The Giver”) also star’s as Aurora’s true love, Prince Phillip.

“Maleficent” will be released in theaters next summer. What did you think of the teaser? How does Angelina stack up with the original animated Maleficent? Weigh in below!