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Beyond her award-winning roles in films like “Winter’s Bone,” “The Hunger Games” and “Silver Linings Playbook,” Jennifer Lawrence has made a place for herself in Hollywood as a woman who speaks her mind.

In a new interview with BBC News, the Oscar winner had a few choice words when asked for her thoughts on whether Miley Cyrus and other musical performers are sexualized.

“It’s a part of the entertainment industry that sells – sex sells – And for some disgusting reason, young sex sells even more,” she said.

Still, Lawrence made it clear that she isn’t judging Cyrus or other female performers out there.

She added, “[I]t’s not really something that I worry about, because I feel like everybody’s kind of got their own way of finding themselves. And for some people, that’s how they feel best, that’s how they feel sexy, that’s how they want to perform… I’m just saying, to each their own.”

Lawrence still feels excited to play a character like Katniss Everdeen, who she considers a great example for young women.

“Even growing up I didn’t have a female hero the way that Katniss is,” she said. “I thinks he’s a wonderful role model for young girls. I’m happy that they have a character like that.”

See the video here and weigh in below!