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The creators of “Glee” are considering a move that some fans have been asking for since early last season: leave Lima, Ohio behind and focus solely on the characters in New York City.

TVLine reports that the move might happen later in the current fifth season, as the cast and crew attempts to move forward from the tragic loss of Cory Monteith.

The shift is not a done deal, as FOX is working with Ryan Murphy and company on several possible options, and no decisions have been made as to which characters would make the jump from Lima to the big city.

Murphy announced earlier this fall that “Glee” would not go beyond season six, adding that he had a “good idea” for how to shake up the show moving into the final year.

“I’m going to tell the studio and the network hwo after Cory’s unfortunate passing we can end the show [in a way] that I think is very satisfactory,” he told TVLine. “And kind of in his honor, which I love.”

“Glee” returns to FOX on Thursday, November 7 at 9pm. What do you think of getting rid of the Lima location?