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Halloween is fast approaching, and with a busy year in entertainment, we’ve come up with five timely costume ideas for you to try out:

1. Miley Cyrus – VMAs

Miley Cyrus had quite the eventful year – a new hairstyle, a new manager, a new record label and a new album.  The Miley rebranding experiment seems to have paid off as scored a no. 1 album, hosted “Saturday Night Live” and gave us an unforgettable performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Dressed in a flesh-colored bikini with her hair tied into double-pigtail buns, she showed the world her rendition of 2013’s summer dance craze: twerking.  Even while she was dancing with Robin Thicke, we knew this version of Miley would be a showing up at Halloween parties everywhere.


1 – Tightly wound hairdo

1 – Skin-colored bikini

1 – Foam finger

1 – Microphone (optional)

Tip: Be sure to stick out your tongue as much as possible, especially in photos.

2. Brian Cranston / Walter White – Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad” – AMC’s Emmy Award-winning drama – came to an end this summer, just in time to put together a Walter White costume.  Walter White wasn’t always Walter White, though.  The real key to this costume is portraying the mysterious Heisenberg. 

Walter White’s alter-ego instilled fear and intrigue in even the most violent drug lords, and as a bonus, his all-black outfit should be easy to pull off.


1 – Black Fedora

1 – Button-down collared shirt

1 – Black Jacket

1 – Pair of dark black sunglasses

1 – Goatee (optional)

1 – Bag of blue Pop Rocks (optional)

Tip: Really sell the character by insisting you be the one who knocks at houses and parties, and when people ask who you’re dressed as, demand they say your name.

3. Will Ferrell / Ron Burgundy – Anchorman

Will Ferrell returns as Ron Burgundy this December in “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.”  The 2004 original was wildly successful behind a superstar cast and promises to deliver once more this December. 

For those of you who went as the ‘70s newsman nearly a decade ago, just dust off that old suit and grow the mustache because Ron Burgundy will be a popular costume once again.


1 – Burgundy suit

1 – White dress shirt

1 – Tie

1 – Awesome 70’s-style mustache

1 – Voluminous head of hair

1 – Spray of Sex Panther cologne (optional)

Tip: Try to be as quirky and awkward as possible during conversation, sarcasm and cockiness is a must.

4. Taylor Schilling / Piper Chapman – Orange Is the New Black

Netflix really nailed it with their exclusive new program, “Orange is the New Black.”  The show, about an upper-middle class woman, Piper Chapman, sentenced to 15 months in prison, has gained quite a following since it debuted in July.

It’s not too hard to pull off this costume and most people will know who you are.  Since the outfit is relatively simple acting the part may improve your costume’s reception. 


1 – Orange Jumpsuit

1 – White t-shirt

1 – Name badge

Tip: Constantly saying things that make you put your foot in your mouth will help, but we don’t necessarily recommend it.

5. Sandra Bullock or George Clooney / Astronaut – Gravity

Considered one of the best movies of the year so far, “Gravity” tells the story of two astronauts stranded in space after an accident leaves them adrift.  George Clooney and Sandra Bullock must work together to survive while being only attached to each other.

This is a great 2013 costume because “Gravity” made astronauts back to the forefront, at least for a little while.  What else makes this costume cool?  It’s not gender-specific.  


1 - Spacesuit

Tip: If you are going out with a friend and decide to be one another’s counterpart, attach yourself via rope and see if you can make it the whole night without breaking free.

Those are our suggestions for 2013 costumes!  Let us know if you have any other ideas below and send us pictures of what you wore for Halloween 2013.