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Glee” will soon have to break out the greatest “goodbye” songs to cover, because the FOX series is officially coming to a close.

Creator Ryan Murphy confirmed that the show will not return after its sixth season at a Paley Center event on Wednesday night, TVLine reports.

Murphy says that the series finale will look quite different from what he had originally intended, in large part due to the tragic death of the show’s male lead, Cory Monteith.

“The final year of the show, which will be next year, was designed around Rachel and Cory/Finn’s story,” he said. “I always knew that, I always knew how it would end. I knew what the last shot was – he was in it. I knew what the last line was – she said it to him. So when a tragedy like that happens you sort of have to pause and figure out what you want to do, so we’re figuring that out now.”

Currently three episodes into season 5, there was a strong possibility that “Glee” was moving closer to its endgame when FOX renewed the series for a fifth and sixth season at the same time.

Still, the showrunner says he has a “good idea” of how to end the series in a way that will honor Monteith as well.