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In what be the most surprising “90210” news since Kelly chose herself over Brandon and Dylan, it looks like there’s about to be a major reunion for two of the show’s most iconic stars.

No, it’s not another reboot, but ABC Family is rumored to be bringing Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling back together.

Spelling is already signed on for the network’s comedy pilot “Mystery Girls,” with Garth in talks to join her as two women who starred as crime solvers on a TV show in their youth, who are brought back together to do the same in real life.

According to TVLine, the series follows “a former starlet (Spelling) who is roped into solving crimes with her former mystery TV show costar (the role Garth is circling) when a witness to a crime will only speak to the infamous Mystery Girls.”

Filming on the pilot will get under way soon, so if the show gets the go-ahead, “Mystery Girls” could hit ABC Family by next summer. Would you watch the show?