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Just in time for Sandra Bullock and Maya Rudolph’s birthdays this weekend, we’ve put together our list of some of the funniest women in showbiz!

1.  Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock, who celebrates a birthday on July 26th, has become America’s sweetheart.  Bullock who was voted ‘Most Likely to Brighten up Your Day’ by her high school class, certainly does the same on the big screen.  Though her portrayal in the 2009 drama “The Blind Side” earned her an Oscar and a Golden Globe, Sandra truly shines when she dives into comedy, like the classic “Miss Congeniality” or this summer’s hit “The Heat.” In the film, she plays an uptight agent paired with a foul-mouthed but funny Melissa McCarthy, and together, the duo make the film a must-see.  

2.   Maya Rudolph

When Maya Rudolph joined “Saturday Night Live in 2000, her impressions of celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Oprah Winfrey and Donatella Versace kept us cracking up and soon made her one of the favorites.  Rudolph stayed with “SNL” through 2007 and appeared in multiple films during and after the show.  Her breakout role came in “Bridesmaids” as Lillian, the bride-to-be who can’t seem to catch a break on her way to the big day. This summer, Rudolph appears in the indie comedy “The Way, Way Back” and returns as Chris Rock’s wife in “Grown Ups 2.”

3.   Tina Fey

From acting to writing and even producing, Tina Fey can do it all. Fey captured America’s attention as writer on “Saturday Night Live” for nearly a decade, later co-hosting ‘Weekend Update’ and eventually becoming the first female head-writer for the show.  She was also the executive producer, head writer and star of NBC’s “30 Rock,” in which she starred as the one-of-a-kind Liz Lemon.  Her performance earned her an Emmy, two Golden Globes, three SAG awards and a People’s Choice Award.  Fey also wrote and starred in the 2004 hit “Mean Girls,” one of the most quotable comedies of the past decade. 

4.   Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann has appeared in many comedic roles throughout the years, much of which are collaborations with her husband, director Judd Apatow.  Mann’s roles as Katherine Heigl's irritable sister in “Knocked Up” and later “This is 40” launched her into comedic superstardom. Mann and Apatow have two daughters together, Maude and Iris, who both played Mann’s on-screen daughters in both films, as well as in “Funny People.” Mann lends her voice for the animated film “Rio” and will reprise her role of Linda in the sequel, which will be in theaters April 2014.

5.   Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy made a breakthrough in her early career as Sookie on “Gilmore Girls (2000-2007), but it was her role “Bridesmaids” that captured the audience’s love for her comedic ability as the odd-yet-lovable sister of the groom, alongside Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph.  McCarthy’s role on CBS’ “Mike & Molly” earned her an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and was nominated for hosting “SNL.”  Recently, McCarthy has landed roles in “This is 40,” “Identity Thief” and, of course, this summer’s biggest comedy hit “The Heat.”

6.   Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler has become one of the leading improv performers in Hollywood.  Her time on “SNL” never got old as she impersonated celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Sharon Osbourne and Hillary Clinton.  When Jimmy Fallon left the show in 2004, Poehler joined Tina Fey as co-anchor for “Weekend Update.”  She has done several films, including playing Rachel McAdams’s “cool mom” in “Mean Girls” and co-starring with Fey in “Baby Mama,” but she is at her best as the winningly upbeat Leslie Knope on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” which returns on September 26th.  

7.   Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling may be best-known for her role as Kelly Kapoor, a celebrity-obsessed, chatty office girl, on “The Office,” but Mindy was a writer and producer on the series, writing some of the show’s best episodes. She made her film debut alongside Steve Carell in “The 40-Year Old Virgin” as the object of Paul Rudd’s unwanted affection. Kaling plays herself in this summer’s comedy “This Is The End” and created FOX’s “The Mindy Project,” in which she plays a successful OB/GYN whose personal life is a mess.

8.   Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig debuted on “SNL” in 2005 and instantly stood out from the crowd. Kristen seems to be capable of playing any character, whether it’s the excitable Target clerk, the one-upping Penelope or an imitation of Suze Orman.  The New York native made her film debut in “Knocked Up” in a small scene as a network executive, as well as co-writing and starring in the hilarious hit “Bridesmaids,” which earned respect from the critics and box office success. Wiig currently stars in the new comedy “Girl Most Likely,” about a woman trying to adjust to life after moving back in with her mother.

9.   Julia Louis-Dreyfus

We fell in love with Julia Louis-Dreyfus when she played Elaine on the always-classic “Seinfeld.” Though the character of Elaine was not part of the show’s original concept, Louis-Dreyfus went on to earn a Golden Globe in 1993 and an Emmy in 1996.  In 2006 Louis-Dreyfus returned to TV in a new sitcom, “New Adventures of Old Christine,” which ran for five seasons and won her another Emmy.  In 2012, she debuted in the HBO’s political satire “Veep,” playing Vice President Selina Meyer, earning yet another Emmy and proving that there’s no such thing as “The Seinfeld Curse.”

10.   Anna Faris

The wonderfully witty Anna Faris became known as Cindy Campbell in the first horror-comedy spoof, 2000’s “Scary Movie,” returning in the role for the next three sequels. Not content to solely act in films, Faris expanded into producing as well with “The House Bunny” and romantic comedy “What’s Your Number?” Faris can be seen this fall on the new CBS series “Mom,” as she plays the character Christy, a newly-sober single mom trying to pull life together with the help of her own kooky mother, played by the similarly-hilarious Allison Janney.

Who did we miss? Share your suggestions in the comments!