Matt & Ramona's A+ Educators

There is always that one teacher that stands out. The one who helped your child conquer that hard concept, who stayed behind to listen, who takes the time to make school not just a place of learning but a place of growth and fun.

We want to join you in recognizing these amazing educators. Nominate your A+ Educator here and they may be receiving a special delivery with $25 to Olde Pineville and Glenway Premium Pubs and a Massage giftcard. Your story will be included with a card and ceritifcate of appreciation for all their hard work this year.

Read a few of the stories that have already come in about the amazing Educators in our community.

Miss Jan from Christ Lutheran Children Center
"Miss Jan teaches 3 year old children at Christ Lutheran Children Center.  This is a very impressionable age and she taught my grand daughter 3 years ago and this was a very impressionable age. The kindness she passes in to her children and lessons learned made it so each and
Every child looks forward to attending school
If any of the children were having a bad day. She took the time with them to feel loved and letting them know it's ok to have a bad day and helped them through it. There are hyperactive kids in her class and never once did we hear any frustration from her as to how she would handle it
She really is a God sent to little kids."

Mr. Foley from Weddington Middle School
"Mr. Foley goes above and beyond to make 7th grade science engaging and educational for his middle schoolers.  Mr. Foley uses his enthuasium for educating students and also inspires them to donate to important causes throughout the year. His homeroom alone raised $2001.60 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  He knows how to inspire tweens to have enthuasium for Rube Goldberg, Bottle Rockets and setting up 15,000 of his own dominos. The middle school years are very impressionable and Mr. Foley will be long remembered and appreciated for his sincere desire to educate children.  Teachers like him are 1 in a million."

Mrs. Blum from Indian Land Elementary
"Mrs. Blum is the principal of ILES. She stands out because she knows all the students by name, is resourceful and truly a great leader !
I am a marine wife which means I have moved around a lot and worked at over 10 schools. We recently crossed over from NC mid year and it was the BEST decision ever!
I was welcomed and helped at every step !! It is all because of the phenomenonal leadership of Blum! She commands respect of everyone and gives it back!!! She speaks the truth and demands all to be kind! And the teachers and students are !  I love ILES and Mrs Blum is the best she makes it a family and wonderful community!"


Contest Date Range: Saturday, May 13th 2017 12:00am - Friday, Jun 2nd 2017 4:00pm