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Credit Application Agreement

Non-discrimination:  In the performance of all WLNK advertising agreements, Greater Media Charlotte, Inc, requires that each party not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity.

Download a credit application for advertisers by agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Application will download in Adobe Acrobat format. Fill out and fax to 704-374-3830.

Greater Media Charlotte, Inc


Credit Policy


  1. In order for Greater Media Charlotte, Inc to extend credit to a potential customer, a credit application must be completed and approved.  This application must contain three media references (or, if not available, three other satisfactory references), the signature of a company officer and all other requested information.  Customers with insufficient references or unsatisfactory credit applications will be required to pay cash in advance.


  1. Once an order has been placed, we will require two weeks’ notice of cancellation. 


  1. Invoices are mailed within 5 days following the end of schedule and at the end of the broadcast month.  PAYMENT IS DUE UPON RECEIPT OF THE INVOICE.


  1. By the 20th of the following month, you will receive a statement, which summarizes the balance of the invoice and also includes any prior billing not paid.  Your sales representative will contact you at the end of that month (30 days) to determine if there are any problems regarding the bill.  Every effort will be made at that time to resolve any discrepancies that may exist.


  1. After 60 days without payment, we consider the account to be in serious arrears and will accept no new schedules.


  1. At the end of 90 days, any existing advertising schedules will be cancelled.  New advertising time will not be accepted from a delinquent account over 90 days until that account is paid in full.  Suspension from any Greater Media Charlotte, Inc station for delinquent payment will prevent an account from advertising on all Charlotte Greater Media Charlotte, Inc stations.  If Greater Media Charlotte, Inc must retain an attorney or collection agency to collect past due money, the applicant shall be responsible for the reasonable fees and expenses therewith. 


  1. Greater Media Charlotte, Inc is pleased to pay an agency commission of 15 percent to all licensed agencies.  In return for payment of this 15 percent commission, in addition to other agency responsibilities, we expect the agency to be responsible for payment of all schedules placed through the agencies.  All schedules are placed with this contractual agreement in effect, and Greater Media Charlotte, Inc expects the agency to uphold these policies and procedures.  In the case of a buying service, which does not accept responsibility for payment of schedules placed through the service, it will be necessary to receive credit applications from all clients.


  1. Notwithstanding to whom bills are rendered, advertisers and agency jointly and separately shall remain obligated to pay to station the amount of any bills rendered by station within the time specified and until payment in full is received by station, payment by advertiser to agency shall not constitute payment to station. 



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