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  • Let me go ahead and say George Clooney’s new movie Tomorrowland opens today and I could have easily gone to see that. But no! Todd of course sends me to see Poltergeist, a remake of one of the scariest PG-13 horror movies ever made.
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  • Today's morons include a man that decided to steal a police officer's cell phone. Another moron tried to outrun the police in a car, truck and bicycle. Plus a man strips down to nothing in the airport because of an overcrowded plane.
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  • Tourists filming baboons in South Africa recorded the moment a pizza-pilfering primate opened a car door to steal a few slices of pie.
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  • Today's version of Sports Confuse me includes Vladamir Putin's latest love child with gymnast. Letterman's last night on television featuring some of the greatest athletes. Plus Stephen Curry's daughter steals the stage at post-game press conference.
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