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  • This may turn out to be an example of marketing genius. All across the country you have hundreds of thousands of mall walkers with beige Velcro fastened walking shoes and fanny packs logging in thousands of miles but not spending any money. Every one of these malls has a movie theater. This movie is the perfect fit. I actually went at 4:30 which is this movie’s busiest time. My friend Pat and I were the youngest people in the theater by far.
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  • If you get caught drinking and driving you can now get around campus in a pink Barbie jeep. That's one of our morons in the news. Today's moron of the day decided she had some special favors for the police officers if they let her out of jail. Plus a man takes a selfie of the destruction he created.
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  • In a bid to dodge DUI and drug charges, a 24-year-old Floridian allegedly offered to perform sex acts upon three separate cops, solicitations that were rejected and resulted in bribery charges being filed against the woman.
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  • A California man who ushered his wife and kids out of their home during an apartment complex fire said his first thought was to save his barbecue ribs.
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