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Not Exactly The News with Chad Bowar


Man's Chronic Lateness Diagnosed As Medical Condition

For as long as he can remember, 57-year-old Jim Dunbar has never been able to make it to appointments on time. His friends and family always thought he was making excuses, but after a recent doctor’s appointment, for which he was a half-hour late, Jim was diagnosed with incurable lateness... Read more...

Bigfoot Research Gets Lift From Stealth Airship

Past expeditions to find conclusive evidence for the existence of Bigfoot have at least two things in common: They were unsuccessful, and they were ground-based. That's why the Falcon Project will make history regardless of whether it achieves its goal of capturing "clear, steady film evidence of a Hominoid in its natural habitat." Read more...

Kenyan Men Agree To Share One Wife

Two men have agreed to share a wife, after realising they'd been having an affair with the same woman for years. The Kenyan men have signed a written contract in which they promise never to fight over the woman, and agree that they will take it in turns to live with her.. Read more...